Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are the Company’s standard terms.
These conditions are intended to provide peace of mind to our customers and are an expression of our confidence in the quality, price and general value for money offered in our products. It is not a clever marketing tool with several opt-out clauses, but for this reason the few terms and conditions we do stipulate need to be rigidly implemented.
Specific individual agreements signed by an official company director may replace these terms in certain instances, otherwise these terms and conditions are applicable to all sales.
1.     All terms are strictly payment with order unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director. Payment can be cash, bank transfer, paypal or credit card.
2.     Where a credit facility is granted, non-payment by the agreed date will result in interest charges of 2% above base rate until paid in full.
3.     Goods remain in the property of the Company until paid for in full.
4.     The customer specifically acknowledges and agrees that the Company has retention of title over all items until the final balance of any credit agreement agreed with the Company has been paid in full, on an all monies basis.
5.     Orders cancelled by the customer will incur a 25% handling fee to cover the cost of transport, administration, testing and repackaging costs.
6.     Note, many products may refer to generic size names. Please check actual dimensions. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to check the dimensions to ensure suitability and access at the time of the order. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.
7.     Delivery is to the door unless previously confirmed in writing.
8.     Delivery is to UK mainland only. We will endeavour to meet delivery deadlines but cannot be held liable in any way for failure to do so.
9. Ownership. Title in goods supplied does not pass to the purchaser until payment for the goods has been received in full.
10. Models shown and image used are for illustrative purposes only
11. If items are ordered specifically for the customer and deliveries are postponed or delayed by the customer, any relevant storage charges will be due to be paid by the customer.

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