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 The T5 Lightwave range of grow light units from Maxigrow are an ideal propagation light for small or large scale propagation. All units are supplied with Cool Blue lamps which are ideal for propagation and the vegative phase of plant growth, but add the Red lamps and you can also flower or fruit your favourite plants!

Durable and stylish, these units are the ideal lighting unit for floral displays etc. Very little heat is emitted and so the unit can be placed very close to plant-top height without fear of scorching. These units also have low power consumption in relation to traditional HID lighting systems.

The T5 Lightwave is available in FOUR models and are supplied complete with Blue spectrum lamps:

The T5 2ft x 2 lamp unit
Dimensions: 60cm x 24cm x 7cm
lamps 2 x ft lamps (24w each)- 3300 lumens  (48 watts)

The T5 2ft x 4 Lamp unit:
Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 6cm
Lamps: 4x 2ft lamps (24w each) - 7000+ lumens (96watts)

The T5 4ft x 4 Lamp unit:
Dimensions:120cm x 40cm x 6cm.
Lamps: 4 x 4ft lamps (54w each) - 17,000+ lumens (216watt)

The T5 4ft x 8 Lamp unit:
Dimension: 120cm x70cm x 6cm.
Lamps: 8x 4ft lamps (54w each) - 34,000+ lumens (432watt). This unit is switchable down to four lamps (centre) for optimum efficiency.

Main features:
- Ideal light for propagation and vegative uses.
- All units supplied with Cool Blue lamps.
- All units supplied with power lead.
- Can be suspended vertically and horizontally.
- Low heat emittance ideal for small spaces.
- Low power consumption.
- Stylish and durable ideal for displays etc.
- 1year warranty.
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