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Advanced grow

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 Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow
Available in 1L, 4L, & 10L

WHY BIG-TIME GROWERS OF HIGH-VALUE PLANTS DEMAND A SUPERIOR 3-PART FORMULA While a premium 2-part formula like our CONNOISSEUR is actually the most effective way to precisely dial in a the exact nutrients and ratios your plants need... many growers enjoy the simplicity of an easy-mixing 3-part formula... and they still want the most effective formula possible. That's why they demand ONLY the best when it comes to: * Using 3-part formulas specifically designed for their high-value plants... * Using formulas with the absolute best and most potent nutrients and ratios... * Using the most advanced, state-of-the-art, "carrier molecules" to ensure their plants get the maximum amount of nutrients in the least amount of time... * Using the formulas which have been proven, in multiple scientific studies, to get more color, more aroma, more size, and more potency from our plants... * And using formulas which are not only highly-advanced and easily customizable, but easy to mix and use... In fact, Grand Master Growers have found GROW-MICRO-BLOOM (GMB) from Advanced Nutrients is the only 3-part formula on the market which meets all these criteria.
adv grow
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